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Auto Insurance

  • It is compulsory; it is the Law! (Road Traffic Act,1950)
  • Provides replacement cost of damage or theft of your car
  • To provide financial support for you when you damage other people’s property 
  • Re-imbursement of litigation cost

Aviation Insurance

a. Aircraft Hull All Risks Insurance
b. Hull War Insurance
c. Third Party Liability Insurance
d. Passenger Liability Insurance
e. Crew Personal Accident
f. Spares/Equipment Insurance
g. Hanger Keepers’ Liability Insurance
h. Aviation Fullers’ Liability Insurance 


Machinery Loss of Profit

  • The net profit 
  • The continuous business expenses (standing charges)
  • The salaries and wages paid to employers
  • The increase in cost of working i.e. the additional expenditure necessarily and reasonably incurred for avoiding or diminishing a reduction in turnover.
  • Auditor’s fee

Boiler Insurance

  • Damage to insured’s item i.e. the boiler
  • Damage to other property of the insured
  • Damage to property not belonging to the insured
  • Liability to the third party for fatal or non-fatal personal injuries

Bond Insurance

  • Performance Bond 
  • Advance Payment Bond 
  • Custom Bond 
  • Bid Bond 

Builders Liability

  • Death
  • Permanent Disability
  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage to third party
  • Legal Costs & Expense

Burglary & House Breaking

  • Actual forcible and violent breaking into a building.
  • Actual forcible and violent breaking out of a building.
  • Any attempted threat.


  • Cash-in-Transit
  • Cash-in-Safe
  • Cash-in-Personal Custody
  • Cash-in-Cash Boxes
  • Damage to Safes
  • Cash-on-Counter

Consequential Loss

  • Net profit which would have accrued if the fire incident/special peril had not happened.
  • Fixed charges as interest, rents rates etc.  
  • Expenses which will help to facilitate the resumption of normal business.
  • Wages of staff whose services will have to stop immediately due to the fire damage.
  • Auditors’ fee of the Auditors employed.


  • death or bodily injury or illness or disease of any third party
  • loss or damage to third party’s property
  • loss of amenities, as a result of obstruction to third parties trespass or nuisance
  • denial of access, interference with light, air, water way and any other form of third party liabilities.

Electronic Equipment Policy

Material Damage:
Covers unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause other than those specifically excluded in a manner necessitating repair or replacement.

External Data Media:
This covers external data media entered in the schedule of the policy.

Increased Cost of Working:
Expenditure incurred for the use of substitute EDP equipment not covered under this policy up to an amount not exceeding the agreed indemnification per day.


Employer’s Liability

  • Reimbursement payment of work related injuries and/or death for employers of labour
  • An organization that employs at least three (3) employees is expected to take up an Employer’s Liability insurance.


  • Excessive Pressure
  • Fire & lightning
  • Explosions & Implosions
  • Short Circuits
  • Natural Disasters (Including: storm, windstorms, landslides and so on)
  • Theft, Burglary & Malicious Damage
  • Negligence
  • Third Party Liability

Fire & Special Perils

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Storm, flood and landslides
  • Impact damage by vehicles / animals / aircraft
  • Riots and strikes
  • Bursting of pipes/water tanks, sprinkler leakage

Home Insurance

We’ve got you covered against claims made relating to the following issues: 
• Death
• Bodily Injury
• Fire
• Burglary & Theft
• Environmental damage (rain, lightning and wind)


Marine Hull & Machinery

  • Institute Fishing Vessel Clauses
  • Institute Yacht Clauses
  • Institute Time Clauses – Hulls
  • Institute Voyage Clauses – Hulls
  • Institute Time clauses Hull – Port Risks
  • Private Pleasure craft/speed boat policy

Occupiers Liability

  • Compensation as a result of accidental bodily injury or death to any person in the building insured.  
  • Compensation as a result of accidental loss of or damage to property of third parties occurring in connection with the insured’s business.  
  • The legal costs recoverable by any claimant from the Insured.  
  • Costs and Expenses incurred with the written consent of insurers.

Oil and Gas

  • Installation against oil risks.
  • Construction risk, not renewable.
  • Operational risk covers all the activities i.e. Energy package -( Physical damages, onshore and offshore.
  • Operators Extra Expenses(OEE)(Control of wells).
  • Cost of control of well, cost of re-drilling, cost of cleaning.).
  • General 3rd party liability.
Health Insurance Policy brochure

Personal Accident

  • Get compensation for disabilities from injuries due to an accident
  • Get compensation for medical treatment for injuries following an accident
  • Benefits are given to the dependants of persons killed in an accident
  • Get compensation for burial expenses following an accident
  • It is very affordable
  • No medical exam necessary
  • It can be provided at low cost for ALL family members

Travel Insurance

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Repatriation on medical reasons
  • Evacuation
  • Repatriation of mortal remains (corpse)